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Default Re: Yesterday,today - Tomorrow...

My dear friend Beren

There are times like you I get so disheartened.

I know, without a shadow of doubt, that the human ego has been the cause of all the strife dis-harmony in this world since time began.
Little fallouts amongst friends to world wide war, same cause.
Ego is a separation device. I am right therefore you are wrong.
I will kill you to right this imaginary wrong.

There has been in excess of 12,000 views of "the ego what is it? how to transcend" thread and that heartens me, not for myself, many contributed there.

However dark nights of the personal soul come and go. Ive had more than my fair share.

I honestly believe that we are in for better times as a human race.
Yet in the scheme of things (evolution of consciousness) that actually does not matter
If we expired as a race tomorrow would it really matter? Species evolve or become extinct.
What you are, awareness, will continue to be.

It is the balance just now for the human race, according to the likes of Eckhart Tolle.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience and it may be in another/next incarnation we no longer experience in a human form, is that so bad?
However it is the nature of creation to evolve and I believe that humans have a lot of evolving to do yet before this form is relinquished.

I dont believe God judges us as such, unconditional love dosent.
I believe we choose our destiny through spiritual intention, we arrive at an appropriate place after death according to and concordant with our spiritual vibration.
"In my Fathers house are many mansions."

Many times I wish I was out of here because it all seems so senseless, then I read a book like Power vs Force and I gain fresh insight and the power and will to carry on.
I realize that yes!!!! I make a difference and so do you my friend Beren.
Now you owe me an alcohol free beer.
Humor is the great healer.
With love
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