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Default Re: Anti Gravity Research And The Missing Dr. Ning Li

Evaluation of an Impulse Gravity Generator Based Beamed Propulsion Concept

Abstract -

This paper analyzes the suitability of a beamed propulsion concept having properties consistent with the impulse gravity generator described by Podkletnov et al. [physics/0108005]. The use of this propulsion concept for orbital maneuver, Earth-to-orbit, interplanetary, and interstellar applications based on presently available experimental results and theory is considered, and areas for future research needed to better characterize this phenomenon are discussed. A beam of radiation or particles with the properties described for the impulse gravity generator would appear to be an excellent candidate for use in beamed spacecraft propulsion. Besides the usual benefits of beamed propulsion, it would not need sails or other special spacecraft components to function, could safely provide high accelerations to delicate components, and might operate at higher efficiencies than other beamed propulsion concepts
The full paper can be found here.
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