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Default Which Colloidal Silver Generator is best?

I'm looking to get the best, most effective CS generator. Basically for general health & to ward off colds/flu. I know there is one sold on this site, but Im not sure about it.

From reading some forums (havent found that many reviews) I have narrowed it down to the RSG-3, the Silvergen Silverpuppy, & the Micro Particle CS maker from Silver Edge (is this really as good as the website says? Do smaller particles allow for better absorption?)

I think Mesosilver sounds great too, Mike Adams (Health Ranger) recommends it, its dark amber coloured but I dont know if one can make this at home. Expensive to buy & shipping etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially if anyone has tried one of the above, or can recommend a really good CS maker that is effective, from personal experience.

I trust the reviews of real people here more than anywhere else.


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