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Default Fulford on Rense --FEBRUARY 24 2010

Just letting the community know about fulford and is akin to a practical update when he was in rome. I really don't have a subscription to his site...

Also, I somewhat disagree for a non-fiat currency because fiat currency is the most efficient (but most corruptable; a give and take, etc...). On another note, there is a danger in transforming deserts and making too much fresh water from salt water...overpopulation, over salinity of the world oceans (to kill ocean biology) and create gloval pollution in the extreem. What is this, sounds like over-specilization.

Fulford also says that this group of pagan worshipers were on this planet for the last 20000 years and are almost finnished...for what the antichrist? Are they working for a light being? (even though the type of light is evil?) All in all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...a light being is a light being, just what type of light is the matter.

anyway, heres the link:

link above is the first of five youtubes
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