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Originally Posted by Magicboss View Post
Hi everybody ...

Nice to be here with all of You !

I am from the french part of Switzerland.

I would be very happy to converse and meet People interrested in building communities in Switzerland.
I am in a little community of Artists in Vevey.
They don't know this forum and they did'nt sw the movies from Project Camelot. I speak sometimes with People in this association about what happend know in the World, but they have problems to understand english.

You can see us here :

So ... it's a first contact and I will be happy to go in the future of Love with people I can meet by this site ...

Thanks to Project Camelot for all the awekening material You have produced ... it amazing ...

Love to all and see You soon ... Bernie
(sorry posted this msg to the wrong person)

Hey dude, I am working in Vevey. But I do plan to move to Australia towards mid next year. I have been here about 2-3 months already. Fancy meeting up for a chat in Vevey one evening?
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