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Default Build your own: Zapper, Colloidal Silver, EVP, Kirlian Photo, H2O-cell and more

Check out this video, it shows an esoteric Lab:

E-Lab is a small and portable experimental laboratory for your PC. It allows experimentation in the fields of esoteric, alternative energy, alternative health, spiritual and general purpose uses. It is easily assembled and requires just a few parts available from a electronics store, this unit performs many functions not listed, so use your imagination to see its potential. If you would like to know more and want to build it yourself, go to:

Listen to the Earth and the Sun
Communicate with spiritual beings (EVP)
Listen to ultrasonic sounds
Electromagnetic field harmonizer
Kirlian photography experiments
Mind Machine experiments
Consciousness experiments
Lots more too!

It's my website so send me an email if you want details on how to build it and more info.....
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