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Default Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.


Sorry to take a while to respond to your posts properly.

Despite Rodin's hesitating delivery style he definately puts meat to the geometric / holographic things I saw during my Event experience. In my book I describe how they unfolded in my memory.

Briefly, I saw the animation of a flat strip fold and half twist to create a mobius loop. The loop filled out like a rubber water pipe while retaining a spiral rotation of movement. Presently it became a Torus which continued to expand. Within its core where the flux was most condensed, the motivation actualised matter from potential, or virtuality; and I realised I was remembering the creation process at quantum.

And the correlation to Richard Hoagland (whom I have linked to with great respect in the past,) was appropriate. The established view looks back with cynicisim dressed as method, to the possibility that our forebearers possessed a full working knowledge of these things. But even more recently in diverse examples such as Hmmm.... the people of Macchu Picchu who understood enough about the motivation and potential of cosmic influence, to gather their pregnant women at certain times there to ensure their unborn received a chosen cosmic fix!

We are like children again learning the true basis of life and its order. But it's nothing new. We had it in our hand once before and screwed it all up. We are entering another actuality. Have we learned anything? Will we screw it up again? If we dig deep enough within ourselves, we will not need the physicists and mathematicians and polititions to give us the answers. We all have the power to remember for ourselves.

with Judith

I have been mailed to give our link again, thank you muchly.
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