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Default Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.

Hehe! bless you for that Anchor.

When I spoke with Judith about it however, she reminded me of the times when I have just passed out at the screen, and I can tell you it is not a pretty sight to have a flattened forehead from using the monitor as a pillow, with my hair frizzed out from the static electricity like a bad version of an electrified pink panther !!!

On other things, a short while ago I wrote a longer article about the issue of Indigo children. It is on one of our site pages, but was initially conceived for our friend Bruce's site :

Well. yesterday there was another balancing anecdote from Judith's beautiful little grand daughter. All of five years old and she broke from baby talk as she frequently does to utter a few things in a serious Adult way before returning again to her age.

This time it was to say something about the trees.

She said,
"Grammy I had a dream. Jesus was teaching me about the trees and animals. He was teaching me Evvveeerrryytthing! .....and I taught YOU!!"

When Judith asked her how she could have taught HER, her grand daughter replied,
" Grammy, We are really really really really really really old!!

SHE giggled ...and then very seriously said,
"Jesus really loves me,"

...and then turned into a little 5 year old child again to play with her toys.
She often has these profound episodes. It runs in Jadie's line.

with Judith
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