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Default Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.

TheChosen.... We actually agree with you 100%

Along the way we have encountered so many other people who live with a powerful calling to the ancient times. In communications and in reading from such sources it has become an ongoing task separating out those who are at early awakening stages, and although well meaning, have sought to accellerate their apparrent vibrational signiture "by association."

In this I mean for those who take upon themselves a grand channelling name or source, without the understanding of how matter interacts at a vibrational level, and thus lends power to a name for negative or positive purpose. For some therefore, before an inner balancing has taken place, it leads to the person perhaps misguiding others of similar disposition with encouraging platitudes but no definate substance which can be tested definitavely against personal experience.

On the other hand there are those we know, who live their lives like the characters in "Close Encounters," who are driven by an obsessional 'calling' towards Egypt in particular along with the GP, but also to other sacred places in the world. In this time of increasing vibration, the parts of our DNA, dormant and awaiting the right conditions, are stirring to draw us towards the completion of a reincarnative contract we accepted in very Ancient times.

Indeed it is not necessary to be at the GP to access information that was reserved behind the perfect key of astral levels. They knew then as we are relearning, the Sons of Belial may make what mischief they will on this plane, but their vibrational signiture can never elevate sufficiently to access the signiture levels that will give them the knowledge access they seek.

One can define the ability to rise out of body either passively as in sleep or through traumatic circumstance; or as an induced experience, where by preparation and training, having already reached a living vibrational threshold of life; it is then possible to project willfully from the body.

We believe however there is one other way where a person approaching that threshold / requirement, can achieve the out of body state. It is where the vibrational conditions of the environment are specifically controlled to 'induce' a quickening of vibration. We believe our ancestors had their special (call them temples) if you will, where this effect could be produced. We believe these properties were especially incorporated into the replicating design of the Kings Chamber of the GP.

It is the reason so many others are 'driven obsessionally' to this place, as the markers in their Presence, are activated to the potential task they would be able to fulfil there. Having managed to grab our own time of 'experiment' in there, and being able to compare the experience to past out of body experiences, I can tell you the power in the Chamber when it is set ringing, is like being placed in the middle of a huge energy grid. The effect on the physical body is tangible, and for me before the guards interrupted us, it felt like a creeping crystalization was taking place up through my body.

I have no doubt whatsoever of the validity of the Chamber's purpose, and I am sure when the timing is right, and the correct Presence is in the Coffer, whether it be me or undoubtedly a thousand other potential candidates around the world, there will be those from our past who will be waiting on another level to welcome us at last and impart the information that must be given at this time.

One example of the truth of what you say TC. is that , Judith and I had concurring out of body experiences where we explored other passages and chambers in the GP and specifically below the GP. Can you imagine therefore our thoughts when we were talking with special individuals we met while staying in Nazlet village who gave us spontaneous accounts of chambers and passages already discovered but not revealed to the world; but which coincided exactly with our out of body recollections.

We welcome the recollections of others, and as said elsewhere, we hope at last through efforts here and on our own pages, to shine a focussing light on the clues and evidence that must be there still, and which may be the catalyst of higher awakening for others who need the external evidence to believe what their higher mind is trying to tell them.

I certainly also look forward to the book you mention. Thank you

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