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Default Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.

Richard: I find that I agree with you on many points in your post and web site. I've been feeling for some time now that in order for us to fully prepare for the 2012 we must go back and understand what happened in Atlantis and the way this influences our current DNA structure. The Mayans are releasing a book this year which should shed some light on the subject.

I also believe that there was information that was hidden with clues left in the astral, not only in Atlantis but also later taken from the library of Alexandria. (Any documents that remained from Atlantis but had to be hidden away because of the growing corruption)

I believe the clues of the locations are on the astral fields only. They would've never risked it enough to leave clues on the physical planes. But I also think that you don't need to go to the king's chamber necessarily to access those 'pocket planes' on the astral. My guess is that it can be done by the same beings who hid the information, that are right now incarnated on earth when the time is right.

My guess would be that there is a number of them, that have parted since Atlantis.. and it is their bringing together that would allow the exhange of the energy and completion of the sequence, which would then enable them to access the correct astral location. (Something like each having one digit of a coordinate showing the location)
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