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Default Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.

Tango, a special thank you for diving into the possibilities with us. I can tell you we are in correspondence with someone at the moment who has translated the writing on the Alien? arch for us and who agrees, (from a more learned background,) that the writing and part of the wall was certainly added later to a much earlier arch form. This is likely to apply to both the arches we have shown so far.

When we have exhausted our discussion as far as we can, I will present his contribution in full. It is entirely possible that many other anomalous pictures we took around the village will help in the detective trail to put age and possibility to the stories they present.

Thank you for the leads to follow, and by the way, although the findings of Nazlet are intriguing enough, I must confess we were most blown away by the apparrent 'sign' in the limestone at the Ancient water saddle out in the desert.

It is just another of the huge questions that maybe could be cracked if the internet attracted enough detectives to lessen the research load. We will answer any specific questions as frankly as possible.

I will keep you updated on anything that correlates or can help. As for the ancient light bulbs, we saw noting to help this question, but in the things we saw and photographed, there may be clues we missed. We have literally thousands of pics, and as said before, it will take a while to load all of it.

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