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Default Re: 2012 and the historical reason we should prepare now.

Thank you from both of us for your kind words alyscat.

The Event I refer to, though 30 years in passing has the clarity as if it were yesterday. For my lifetime I wrestled to obsession with the Supernormal events that followed me from earliest memories. In brief I underwent a spontaneous total memory recall, like Schwartzeneggar in the Total Recall movie.

For me it was the memory available to all, of the basis behind the structure and tactical application of life and all things; and with it a complete understanding of all that had happened to me along with the route of my Birth Plan. It was several years before the probabilities brought Judith and I together again, but the recognition across thousands of miles of ocean was instantaneous, as was the understanding behind our joint motivation in Egypt.

I have a hesitation out of respect for this Forum to use my personal link again, though the lengthy account is carried in my book preamble on our face page. The intelligent progressive thought shared here on many topics like these is sustinence to the mind and soul. We are grateful for the access and would never wish to abuse the privilage as an out of context link. This is where you may read it if you wish.
Our other work generally in Egypt came as something as a surprise.
Even when the process of arranged synchronicity is understood , each spectacular time we say WoW! as another event occurs.

So it was initially that a band of intrepid explorers, (each following their own agenda to solve the puzzle of their own calling in Egypt) were brought together. As a part of that group we were presented with fantastic events, and led to new friends in the deep desert and elsewhere. Although we had a healthy interest in the Ancient mysteries and their connection with the roots of Egypt, we hardly realised how deeply we would become a part of the whole thing. If someone had said to us within a year we would be exploring levels below Giza, or that we would led out of the GP at gunpoint, we would have said they were crazy.

Our primary motivation is to complete our task at the GP.
This stands in our minds as important as drawing breath.
Our interrupted first experiment there, though we had the GP to ourselves briefly, was a complete personal vindication to both of us that if it is meant to be for us to complete our task, we 'will' bring back the vindicating proof of our purpose. (The account of our GP experiment BTW is under the preamble 'Echoes from The Chamber.')

Also we recently yielded to the urgency of passing time; and though it may compromise our movements when we return to Egypt, we knew we had to start offering all the little snippets of juicy evidence for an alternate view of the country, its origins, and especially what is going on below the radar!

Lack of time does not allow us to sit solidly and load all we have in one bite. We are having to present the material as I can get to it, but I promise you there is a heck of a lot more to present.

We are presenting it hopefully in a candid way that allows and invites the reader to participate and help us to solve the mysteries offerd on the pages along with many photographs. We will respond also here and anywhere to questions about the material and will supply whatever safe information we can to help others to help us all "together." as it should be; and give public credit to all others who may bring answers.

Though the riciprocal way we are going about this breaks with old convention between different sites, groups and forums, we mean it sincerely when we say we are seeking friendshp, cooperation, and help across even these borders, trying from our tiny corner of knowledge and experience, to allow others who may not be able to tramp around Egypt, genuine access to fresh material themselves. Together perhaps we can get to the truth of some of it.

We had intended specifically with Camelot and Avalon to carry a complete feature page on the incredible work of Bill and Kerry, but we hope by the interest of learned sleuths and kindred souls, we will be able to cross-feature any new findings and open the door to the light just a little bit more.

Blessings again
with Judith
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