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Default Re: Greys, Abductions, Hybridisation and now they are moving into a community near yo

Originally Posted by wynderer View Post
what beautifully written posts, RedeZra -- someone in another thread described you as a poet

Bigmo & others who can focus just on your daily interactions & find joy in them -- sometimes i envy you -- i've had quite a few sideways or straight-on comments on the forums where i've posted re my 'negativity' -- i wish people could understand that i am a wide-ranging empath, & i feel the pain of many -- the times of the big satanic rituals are always hell for me -- also i have the unfortunate gift of sometimes seeing the future

perhaps when i get to the end of my life i'll see that i really messed up down here in a human body & should have devoted my life to being perky-- but i seem to be constitutionally unable to feel happy when there is so much evil & suffering of the innocents in this world --

i used to ask that question 'How can a loving God allow all these things to go on?' -- but my question has changed to 'How can people who say they love God allow these things to go on?' -- i'm thinking of the Pink Floyd song, 'On the Turning Away' --

Peace & Freedom, wynderer

The world can be a cruel and unforgiving place, full of harsh and cold realities. All we really have to offer as we wonder through this world is the Peace, Love and Gratitude of the Logos that we carry within our hearts.

By sharing these, we diminish the satanic rituals, the murders and child molestations and abuses. By sharing we help to opens cold hearts to the Light of Love, for it is only from the heart that we know who we are.

Each of us has our own mission and some may be grand and lofty but none so as important as the sharing of our own Peace, Love and Gratitude - one human being at a time.

Thank you for expressing your deepest thoughts Wynderer.
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