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Default Re: Gluten: What you don't know might kill you

Originally Posted by She-Ra View Post
Isn't there confusion as to whether there is gluten in oats?
Yes She-Ra....there is a lot of confusion about what grains have gluten and what don't.

I am gluten sensitive. I have been told that Kamut is ok, & I buy both Kamut and Spelt breads which seem to work for me.

From my research I have discovered that buckwheat has gluten & oats too.

It appears that only the ancient grains such as millet, quinoa, rice, spelt, kamut are gluten free.

But some disagree with this, particularly the buckwheat & oats. I avoid both as a precaution.

More & more people are now being diagnosed with gluten intolerance. No one is health care or government is talking about this grave danger to our health, & the people are doing their own digging & self-diagnosing. It was through my own self-diagnosing that I discovered I had this problem.

My theory is GMO wheat crops that is causing the problem.
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