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Just from memory I think Enlil was the elder....Enki being the younger brother. I could be wrong though.

But it is an interesting theory. Regardless if Enki was male or female I think the same theory still sticks. Being a high up 'equal opportunity' deity would still pose a huge threat to a patriarchy.

I've often speculated on these type of things. The sort of demonization of the feminine principle.

Enki - Lord of the world.
Lucifer - Lord of The Morning...also called The Morning Star.

And what's the morning star? Venus. The planet named after the Roman Goddess of Love.

And all this reminded me of the John Lear interview where he's joking around and saying how Venus is supposedly this awful planet with a sulfur atmosphere and oceans of acid and basically a nasty place. He's implying it was all just sorta made up so people would ignore Venus even though he believes there are civilizations there.

No one questions anything about the planet Venus....everything is Mars Mars Mars Mars. Mars was the Roman god of war.

So here you have this feminine concept of Venus.....a male concept of Mars.....and Earth right smack in between them.

And the patriarchy says "Oh no forget about's a nasty awful place....look here at's much nicer."

Just a few of my thought patterns.
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