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Default Re: Awake and Aware Conference From LA

I just finished watching Jordan Maxwell, and was taking in the information, when all of a sudden he was interrupted and told that they had to make time for David to take the stage. From what I understand, Jordan filled in for the no-show Pete Peterson. All of the other speakers had an hour, and were given signals when they had about 15 minutes left. Jordan was given no such signal, he was just cut off at 47 minutes, as he said, when he was just warming up. I thought the way he was shut down was quite rude. Now David's speach is shown as having 157 minutes, and I intend to watch that now, but what really aggravated me is that Jordan may have been silenced because of the topic he brought up. He stated that the Vatican is America's biggest enemy, and that we should research the connection between the Vatican and Nazi's. Was that too much for us to hear? Did it disagree with Kerry, Bill, the audience belief systems perhaps? Whether I agree with a speaker or not, I should have the courtesy to allow them to express their opinions, especially if he or she is doing me a favor by filling in for someone else who didn't have the decency to show up as promised. I do appreciate the conference being put on, and us having access to it, but lately, Kerry's behavior really gets the Libra in me going. Fairness and justice to/for all is what I'm referring to.
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