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Default Re: Awake and Aware Conference From LA

Wow Baron! Aren't you just a bundle of positive reinforcement! The weight-slam was below the belt...or was it above the belt? B&K aren't getting rich in this business...I don't think. But I wouldn't have a problem if they were. The good people should make the big-bucks...not the other way it usually is.

I haven't watched all of the speakers yet...but I really liked Robert Dean and Alex Collier. Dean is a wise owl. He should be carefully listened to. I love Alex...but I still have question-marks regarding his sources. Also...does the holographic paradigm leave the Constitution unmolested? I think so...but I'm not sure. Also...I see no problem with long as the corruption level is kept to an absolute minimum. Work and innovation should be appropriately rewarded. At what point do we leave the Constitutional free-enterpise system...and become socialists and collectivists? Do we really need to be mentored by ET's...or do we simply need the ET's (and who knows who else?) to leave us alone? Finally...I'm a fan of long as it is combined with responsible freedom and spirituality. I'll be lucky if I can maintain 3D...and not fall into 2D or 1D. Will many people 'ascend into the rep-realm'? Is the 'rep-realm' between us and the benevloent ET's? Do we really need to get our psychological, ethical, spiritual, and governance houses in order before we 'ascend'? Is the rep-realm sort of like the Van Allen Belt? Are we in a net right now?

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