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Default Re: Awake and Aware Conference From LA

I stayed awake until 5 AM watching George Green at the conference. He is so full of energy and information, I could hardly absorb one thing before he moved into something else. That isn't intended to be critical of him, not at all. He just had so much to say and a limited amount of time to say it in. I did sense the urgency that he was trying to express, the immediate scene that he sees happening with the crash of the dollar, change-over to a world currency, financial collapse. He recommended for those of us who do use dollars to only hold on to 20, 10, 5 and 1 dollar bills, but said that the exchange rate when we flip to the other monetary system will be something like 6 to 1. So does that mean that by switching to the new money, the banksters get to rob us out in the open with a grin on their greedy faces?? I have never read his books, but after the presentation, I did download Handbook For The New Paradigm and Messages For The Ground Crew. A year ago when I first saw his Camelot interview, I thought of him as a wealthy banker/investor who didn't have a clue what average struggling people have to deal with just to get by, so I completely dismissed him. I now see him through different eyes, and feel that I have a calling to become one of the ground crew. An old saying comes to mind; "Sometimes Quickly, Sometimes Slowly".

I haven't yet seen Duncan O, Jordan Maxwell or David Wilcock, but I plan to today if I can find those. If anyone has links to those, I surely would appreciate them.
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