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Default Re: Can the Spirituality thread be re-named Non-physicality??

Jachmad, I see what you are trying to say.

The thing is, we normally operate on all these levels simultaneously, how can we not?

Also, indigineous people, living simply off the land, are often advanced spiritually. This is the case with many North-American Indians, with the Aboriginees of Australia, of the South-American Indians, of the Scandinavian and Russian laplanders, or Samii people, also peoples in Asia. Mind you, they have to work on their spiritual path as well, just like we do. If theyr simply are followers, leaving the spiritual work to their Shaman, Noaide, or Elder, instead of just being guided and inspired by them, they are negecting their own path.

We are likely to see a great simplification of civilization after the great change that is ahead of us. But we have every reason to expect a higher level of spiritual awareness and insight, as this is a requirement for our evolution.
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