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Default Re: Can the Spirituality thread be re-named Non-physicality??

We could call this thread 'Our Spiritual Quest' in order to remind ourselves that it is not about religion as such. It is our individual and collective journey that may lead us in the direction of spirit.

When we are in a state of love (unconditional or compassionate) we are one with spirit. Our heart then resonates to the frequency of 8 hz, this is the frequency of love, according to some researchers.

When we have little 'epiphanies' of insight, a feeling of oneness, brought on by anything that stirs the heart, be it music, beauty, joy, dance, humor, nature, pets, a significant other person, a teacher, a book, anything that reminds us of the oneness that is spirit, we are in touch with it.

When our quest for the spiritual is funnelled into religion, tenets and dogmas are imposed and we might forget to listen within where our individual connection to spirit is. Religion is no guarantee for our connection with spirit, for often religion is laced with fear, but it may not stop us from connecting either.

Ken Wilburs teachings are full of tenets. This is his brand of Buddhism, a religion. 'Scientific spirituality' is not direct, it is spirituality observed, and attempted explained, and thus on a path to a system with tenets and even dogma, as almost all sciences today are full of dogma.

Spirit surrounds 'Everything That Is'. Fear cuts us off from it.
If we fear that we cannot be in touch with it, we most likely are not.
When we live in trust, directed by a still voice within, we are on a spritual path.

A spiritual path is a quest, and may lead to personal perceptions and insights, which is spirit individually translated. This quest is free and open to every one of us. We can share it with each other, but not impose it on anyone.
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