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Default Re: Can the Spirituality thread be re-named Non-physicality??

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My first post was transferred to Spirituality which is fine, but it got me thinking. It seems for some people when thay hear or see that word it is instantly linked with religion. If there is a new awareness coming surely it is time to part with the doctrine based paradigm and embrace a new way of looking at the situation. Non-physicality seems to me to express that rather succinctly. just a thought..... anyone else got a view on this??
But a "new way" will still be "a way."

Just another formula for the pile - whether it be connected to your knees or your pineal, it would just be another system.

Another formula.

Another religion/spiritual system.

I think most Avalonians are smart enough to know the difference between religion and spirituality - so no change needed.
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