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Default Re: Can the Spirituality thread be re-named Non-physicality??

Originally Posted by towhatend View Post
Hi Circlewerk, thanks for your reply on this. It seems to me that a fundamental part of the human equation is the desire to categorise/label/define all the experiences along its path. One word can make such a difference(look at the time and effort that goes into the wording of UN resolutions) or not, and it is with interest I observe the different ways that are used to explain the feeling of something greater that is being shared by so many at this time. Sometimes when online I feel a great sense of peace, tranquility and unconditional love that used to be almost overwhelming. Now I understand it to be connections being made through the ether/spirit/Higgs Field, call it what you may.

Will the LHC prove Higgs's theory. Time and us will tell!!!!

the plot thickens!!!! have a great day everyone.

Hello Towhatend~

I get you, I feel you~

Interesting how so many want to discover it, name it, define it, eh?
What do you think that desire is?
Could it be that the desire is as a result of our consciousness immersed in conditioned thinking, therefore unable to know spirit IS there now, and is content to leave it untitled?

Whether it exists due to ether, the noosphere, the Mandelbrot Set, etc, is no where near as vital as vibrating there, nameless.

All of these theories are the discoveries of mind, realizing what is already known in spirit, prior to consciousness being marinated with division & dogma, ad infinitum.
I agree, the connection is profound.

Sweet Peace,
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