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Default Re: Can the Spirituality thread be re-named Non-physicality??

Hi Circlewerk, thanks for your reply on this. It seems to me that a fundamental part of the human equation is the desire to categorise/label/define all the experiences along its path. One word can make such a difference(look at the time and effort that goes into the wording of UN resolutions) or not, and it is with interest I observe the different ways that are used to explain the feeling of something greater that is being shared by so many at this time. Sometimes when online I feel a great sense of peace, tranquility and unconditional love that used to be almost overwhelming. Now I understand it to be connections being made through the ether/spirit/Higgs Field, call it what you may.

Will the LHC prove Higgs's theory. Time and us will tell!!!!

the plot thickens!!!! have a great day everyone.
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