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Default Re: Obama Sends Biden on 'Special Mission' to Antarctica

Hi robyn,

It's a joke.

Biden made a quip about his memory not being so good as the Chief Justice John Roberts to members of the press when Obama pushed his arm o make him stop. He (Obama) also frowned and shook his head in disdain at the joke.

It was quite an embarrasing moment for everybody present, or so it seemed, and funnily enough was the first official day of the new government. I think we need to ask if this sort of comment is what will be coming in the future and also if this sort of comment wouldmake any problems further down the road.

Over three days, the Bidens have made two extraordinary gaffs, the first being on Oprah, when they weren't even invited on the show but appeared anyway, where Bidens' wife said that Biden was asked which job he would like, suggesting that Hillary was only second choice for her job and now the Chief Justice comment.

Stay tuned in.

Best regards,


Originally Posted by robyn View Post
Just came across this tho it may well be satire. It's interesting if true due to the reports of the US owned telescope there that's perportedly tracking Planet X/Nibiru or something else...

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Obama Sends Biden on 'Special Mission' to Antarctica

In the first major initiative of his presidency, President Barack Obama today dispatched Vice President Joe Biden on what he called "an important and special mission" to Antarctica.

The news of Mr. Biden's unexpected trip appeared to take the Vice President by surprise, as he was in the middle of making a joke about Chief Justice John Roberts to members of the press corps when the president interrupted him with the news.

"Here's how John Roberts sings the National Anthem," Mr. Biden was saying. "'Oh see can you say...'"

Mr. Obama, yanking away Mr. Biden's microphone, then informed him of the extraordinary journey to the South Pole he was about to undertake.

The president was vague about what the mission to Antarctica would entail, but he did indicate that it could take "up to four years."

While some witnesses to the scene said that Mr. Biden seemed surprised by the news, his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, offered another version of events during an appearance later in the day on "Oprah."

"Joe was given a choice of places to go and he picked Antarctica," she said. "President Obama said he could also go to the moon or Mars."

Dr. Biden's remarks were cut short when President Obama appeared on the set and unplugged her microphone.

Other than the Biden news, Mr. Obama's day went as planed, meeting with senior staff, drawing up a budget, and being sworn in as President for the third time.
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