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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

[QUOTE=zurx;261202]I just wanted to say... this is the most ridiculous thread I've ever read in my entire life.

This is what happens when you get a bunch of paranoids in the same room. I hate to say it... but I don't know how else to.

Scroll up and take a good look. Here's the chaos and disorganization "they" want. Lets all give ourselves a firm pat on the back. I've already been part of an amazing group of people that dramatically and traumatically split... I hate seeing and feeling this all over again.

Just... knock it off already.

EDIT: Afterthought... this just occurred to me. Does anyone else find it strange that the sleazy Eagles Disobey people jumped onto PC right at the tipping point? With that whole racist accusation crap. And whatever else it is now. I really think they're sore for not getting paid. But this discussion belongs in a different thread. Just wanted to point out the coincidence. PC came under heavy fire from many directions all within the same week it seemed. So odd... Bill's phrase "engineered destruction" rings true... quite eerily...[/QUOTE]

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