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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Originally Posted by ellie View Post
Barry, no more on that under ocean floor ET city I see?
The Fishman Dream

About 20 years ago I had a dream that was so real, it makes you wonder if...

Anyway, I was standing on a beach, beautiful weather, staring at sea, staring at the sand, when all of a sudden this half man/half fish 'person' arose from the water. I walked up to him, into the sea, (s)he took my hand & we dived into the ocean. Deeper & deeper we went, until we reached a huge underwater 'city-like' structure.

After we entered the 'city', which apparently was protected from the water by a (glass) dome, the 'fishman' brought me to a sort of 'waiting room' where I sat down.

There were other people, also sitting & nobody spoke. Not a word to be heard, dead silent, - a library-like atmosphere. Suddenly I remembered a joke I was told earlier that day, and I started to tell this joke to the rest of the people there. Although it wasn't the best of jokes, it should have made at least somebody laugh, but it didn't.

At that point I decided I was fed up with these people & had no wish whatsoever to hang around with them any longer. So I stood up, walked to a door, opened it & walked through it.

I noticed that there was another 'fishman' standing near the doorpost, sort of guarding it, & I told him that I was fed up with that bunch inside & couldn't stand to stay in their company one second longer.

The 'fishman' reacted sort of surprised & I said that if those were the kind of people I had to hang out with, while I was in their city, they might as well bring me back to the surface.

The ‘guard’ was clearly ‘off-guard’ by my approach & called for the ‘fishman’ who accompanied me before. To him I explained – again, that I had no desire to sit & wait in that room with those people & that he should take me either somewhere else, or back to the surface.

The ‘fishman’ understood my problem & than gave me a ‘grand tour’ through the ‘city’, where after he accompanied me back to the surface.

Halfway we were met by a group of dolphins. The ‘fishman’ ‘told’ me that the dolphins would bring me back to the beach, while he went back to the ‘city’.

After I thanked him & shortly after, the dolphins, for bringing me back to the surface, I walked out of the ocean onto the beach.

When I woke up I was totally ‘flabbergasted’!

Now, a couple of weeks before I had this dream, I had bought a complete collection (1966 – 1992) of a bi-monthly esoteric magazine called BRES PLANETE. I started to search in the indexes for the word ‘visman’ (Dutch for ‘fishman’) & to my surprise I found a reference to an article in BRES 23 (July 1970) titled: ‘Waar kwamen de vismensen vandaan?’ (‘Where did the Fishman originated?’)

Which takes us back to … the Sumerians!
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