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Thumbs down Re: Alien Kabbaha secert spirits

I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but the Spiritworld documentaries have caused me to swear against watching any other Chris Everard documentary ever again. Watching Spiritworld REALLY upset me. I don't know how he goes about his research, but it is far from complete. Being a student of the occult for the majority of my life, I was nearly offended with some of the BS this man presented. He is way off on a lot of topics. And please believe me, I'm not one to go around calling people out, but this guy's videos are leading people in the wrong direction. I also cannot stand people who apparently spend a large amount of time making documentaries, and then never cite their sources, AND present their OPINIONS as FACT. I get ****** off again just thinking about it. I greatly appreciate you sharing the link, and I'm glad I watched. But... never again.
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