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Default Re: Racist Comments of Eagle Disobey

Actually, if anyone else has noticed - whoever does the ED website SUCKS. It looks like they tried to remove most of the racist content but some is still there. I have a feeling Marci does the site. But that's aside the point.

Now it looks like instead of being racists (which I was going to come on here and further dispute and Kerry recently said she plans to interview Credo Mutwa soon - a Zulu shaman! {definitely black}), Project Camelot is now being accused of being a CULT. This is absurdity!

I do NOT understand WHY ED is so dead set on attacking Project Camelot! Does anyone have an answer for this? I just don't understand it! All truth seekers should be on the path to truth together! These actions discredit Mr. Burisch more and more! The more he continues with this BS the more it seems he is a disinfo agent, bent on ripping PC apart. Is it because PC is finally getting close to something? Because they are gaining massive support? Who knows...

Project Camelot has opened my eyes to so many different things. In fact, let me rephrase that. The people PC have interviewed, have opened my eyes to many possibilities. PC is simply a venue for others to speak. They give ALL their work away for FREE, which is more than ED can say. So, of course they need donations! Ugh... the whole ED thing is just so stupid and I'm probably preaching to the choir here. I suppose I needed to vent... lol. Thanks to whoever reads this
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