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I used to surf a lot, one day while out side at Newquay on a really messy day I saw a big set coming in and stupidly decided to take the first wave, which I did but wiped out in the bottom and went under and was spun round and round, which is no big deal as you just hold your breath and wait to surface, which I did, but before I could take a breath the next wave broke on me and I was spun over and over again then I surfaced again ready to breath and the next wave was on me, but this time I couldn't hold my breath any longer and gave up trying, I remember I didn't panic I just breathed the water in and out, it was really peaceful and I felt my self sort of floating and just going with the flow until my foot hit the sand and I could stand up, the next bit was horrible, emptying your lungs of sea water is not a very nice thing to do

In my opinion once you get past the fighting to hold your breath bit drowning is quite a nice and peaceful way to go
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