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NDE = NBD (No big deal) What happens when you "die" is that you just become completely blended into the non-physical "You", the small part of you that is the physical consciouness here is done with it's desire/capacity for physical/material experienciality.

When people "die" and come back, they are just pulling up the recall of their experience. Every individual consciouness will experience what they want to experience. (ie. religous self-programming: god, heaven, jesus, buddha, tunnels, white lights etc. or spiritual self-programming ET's, masters, whatever).

So when you are completely non-physical you then continue to focus on your next desires for experientialty. You have a very big role in all of this, there are other perspectives that you also blend with, the sum of which some call 'God'. In other words, it's not happening "to you", rather "you are becoming".

OBE's are just blending/focusing more on the non-physical you whilst maintaining a physical presence.

Think about this. . . . .
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