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Originally Posted by kem View Post
Hi folks,

I had an OBE 6 or 7 years ago. When I came to the University, I started to live alone in a little flat. I had some time left from the courses and I found out through Internet different ways to meditate.
I was pretty curious, and spent much time to work it out. The first experiences were sweet but I found out quickly that we could reach really weird states of mind doing it intensely.
During that period of intense meditation, I had really vivid and real dreams while sleeping.
Once I got conscious into one of these dreams.
My body was still asleep but my mind woke up. I had never experienced that. As I was wondering what the **** was going on, a slight, remote sound started to swell into my ears. It got more and more strident and louder, like an alarm or a ring, till the point I felt my soul sucked out of my body.
I was ejected to the roof and I was hovering above my bed. Everything was dark and cold, I saw my arms, they were bleak. I started to take a fright at the dismal atmosphere set up in there.
Furthermore I didn't felt alone, and I caught a glimpse of a black body-like shape in front of the entrance. I should say I've never been so freaked out. I couldn't control my motion and I was drifting along the walls of my room.
Then my fears brought me back to my body. I woke up sweating a lot, watching all over me to be sure I was really alone.

It was both the worst and the most intriguing experience in my whole life. I know I'm affraid of dying, and I guess it played a lot in that experience.

I can know advice that you need to be a pure soul to do it, and to be very confident. You've to know who you are...

PS : Sorry for my english, I hope everybody will understand what I tried to write...

Originally Posted by Allie View Post
My father was one of the first to have a heart by-pass, performed by the famous surgeon, Magdi Yacoub, who had just left Christiaan Barnard's heart team to work in the UK.

Back then, this op. was major and experimental - unlike the routine thing it has become today.

My father was a very stoic, quiet man who said very little. When he did have something to say, it was always meaningful.

Because he was mostly out of things for days after the op., he was never sure when his experience happened, but he found himself floating around the hospital, turning down various corridors and have a look around. At all times he could see the most incredible sunset which appeared to both surround him and be a part of him.

When the time came for him to leave the hospital, the route out was not unknown to him - he recognised every turn and every corridor he was taken through, because he'd already explored the hospital in his ethereal form

For my father to tell us this was quite astounding - being both quiet and stoical, we had to believe that this must have happened and been pretty amazing - otherwise he would never have told us.
Originally Posted by Elephant Man View Post
This perhaps NOT what people expect, but is a near death experience.
4 yrs ago I got at 6am to go to work, I had quite severe pain in my chest and wondered what the heck it was. My wife was just going to work and asked if I was ok, I just said, yeah you go. The pain gradually worsened and started to become rather worrying. I trie to sit but suddenly couldnt move because of the pain, I fell slowly to my knees and couldt help but think about my father dying of heart attack at a young age, his father dying of a heart attack at an even younger age and there I was mid 40's and on my way to join them. The pain is impossible to describe, even so as I realised my predicament an unearthly calm came over me and I realised that, ok I'm gonna die. It was not a problem, the acceptance of death was the most beautiful peace I have ever experienced. It was magic, it was PEACE. I dont know how long those moments lasted, there were no tunnels of light, no out of body, floating in the air experiences, no worry for myself, no worry for my family. It was just .... dying.
Anyway, I was very suddenly "sucked" back to reality as the pain once again raged. I knew then that I wasnt gonna die (bit disappointed actually) I managed to crawl to the phone and called an ambulance, told of the family death rate from heart related problems and collapsed in a heap. The ambulance men started doing their job and pretty soon I was in the local hospital, despite all the treatment, I was still in agony and not very well. By now my family had been informed and were with me, I managed to tell them that I was NOT going to die from this. The doctors diagnosed a blood clot trapped in my heart, I knew it wasnt. I was concious at all times, though unable to say very much and although the pain was forcing me to drift off somewhere, I was amazingly aware of what was going on, it was like I could read every little mimick of every person and knew what they were thinking. The doctors then decided to transfer me to a specialist hospital an hours drive away. It has denmarks most advanced heart and lung department and the countries top specialists. I was whisked away for my second ambulance trip of the day, flashing lights and sirens 150 km an hour and feeling pretty rough.
At the hospital I was rushed up to the emergency ward, a nurse on each side of me telling me that I was ok and about to get the best treatment, cos the top docs were waiting for me etc... In the ward which was enormous, there were at least 12 people and so much technology I felt like I was in a sci-fi film, computer screens and monitors and god knows what else in the way of equipment. The nurses sat each side of me and held my hand, stroked my forehead etc... I will love them forever. The top docs did everything possible and more, but as time went by I got weaker, my system was closing down and they didnt know why. To cut a long story short, by 8 oclock in the evening they gave up, I was once again having to accept that I was going to die. My family was with me once again, as I was wheeled into a side room basically to die with my family present. A nurse sat in the corner and the atmosphere was on a severe downer, suddenly two doctors came in, they were students at the hospital and had heard about this "unsolvable" case. They came in out of curiosity, I could sense that and one of them also said so. He asked the nurse for the x-rays from the first hospital, she said there were none, he asked for "our" x-rays, there were none. I knew at that moment, that that guy was my saviour. I was rushed to x-ray, where they discovered that my right lung had completely collapsed! no heart trouble, they had spent all day looking in the wrong place. Well I was treated blah blah and survived to live on. Lots of details left out of this, cos its too long to start with. But 2 near death experiences in one day, the first was beautiful, the second was full of desperate fear and helplessness. I have since then accepted that death is beautiful, it doesnt hurt (however it may seem) and even though the slow demise in the second part was not very pleasant, mostly cos my family felt so helpless, I no longer have any fear of dying. Sorry if this is a bit long, but I do tend to ramble once I get started. love n light to all - Anthony
Originally Posted by dayzero View Post
Great idea for a post, i agree....

I had an NDE years ago.
the reason it happened was that i was taking something i shouldn't have been taking [ie not a natural, herbal-related substance.], on my own, in my room.

I was looking at the carpet, and lights started to pulse inward towards the centre of the i was looking into the centre, i zoomed down into it, and this immediately reversed as i zoomed up and above my body and through the roof. i stayed there briefly, and could see me lying on the bed, dead, and my parents finding me. the feeling of that was terrible, anquishing.
then i went right up and out to a sort of inbetween place. very black & white, or rather like the metallic silver grey look of moonlight. not colour, at any rate.
lots of huge, strange noises, a bit like a david lynch soundtrack from the elephant man or eraserhead.
someone, a guide, who i don't have an image or description of at all, told me that i shouldn't be here....and that i'd died because i'd tried to jump life-vibration-frequencies.
he [sort of male] then showed me a few different levels of vibration, like one was a cylinder shape, huge, moving slowly round, with it's own frequency hum, and another, a cone shape, huge, turning faster with it's unique hum, and so on, up and down the scale.
then, i was told i had to go back as i was nowhere near leaving my earth life yet. ["you have work to do" - i'm a Lost fan, what can i say!] then, rushing down a tunnel which was very intense, a bit too fast. and then after that, falling back onto my bed as if from a few feet above, like dropping physically down.

I felt pretty humbled after, but it did give me a peace that i'd not had before,
perhaps because it was clear now that there was much more to our story here than i'd realised. i didn't take that substance again, as i knew i had actually been dead.

as for the meaning or message, it was more of a look under the floorboards of the universe, and helped me understand that this dimension is far from on it's own, oh, and also that you don't die, and that you aren't your body, of course!

looking forward to reading about others' experiences.
Originally Posted by Gabe Gabriel View Post
I had a NDE and went down inside of the Earth to a prison that was made for the fallen angels of Genesis chapter six. The fallen angels that took Adams daughters and raped them and had children with them, later to become known as the giants.

All the prisoner angels that were there glowed in radiant neon colors. And I learned that the colors were a code system for the particular Law a spirit broke to place himself in that prison. A color code system.

The prison was the darkest place I have yet ever been to, and I could see nothing except for the glowing fallen angels.

The angels there had the bodies of snakes, scorpions, and spiders and they had the heads of their natural bodies which looked just like a human head.

I was never so scared in my life when one of the angels that glowed bright orange crawled down the wall of the cave and stopped right beside me and he said," I am going to torment you all the days of my life and make you miserable" and as he talked his face would contort and twist with what seemed to be the pain he was feeling.

At this time I knew it was time for me to try to escape. As I looked around for a way out I saw a thin beam of pure white light shining down through this cave and then I knew there must be a way out, and I put my hands over my face and called out to "God" to help me and I immediately flew right through the ceiling just as I had come into this place and went back up to my body on the surface of the earth and entered my body and woke up from the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

Needlessly to say that changed my life forever and since then It seems I have been discovering different gifts that are on the inside of all of us.
Originally Posted by Exarx View Post
Well, strange things have allways happened me. Allready at the age of 13 i started to explore meditation and healing.
However, after that specific event i had for the longest time far more vivid dreams regarding the future, all those things have passed now though. I saw many things that happened in 2007 for instance. Also i had a lot easier to "attune" to people, i really could (and can) feel how they really do feel.

Thank You All For The Responses ! Never Knew How Many People Here Have Had These Experiences ... Hope To Read More !

IF There Are Any More Stories Out There Please Don't Hesitate To Post !
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