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Default Re: The State of the Planet

"I believe that the fate of our world largely lies in the hands of the military and intelligence. We need a peaceful revolution of non-compliance."

hello seashore great thread, i belive that the fate of the world lies in hands of people, if we turn to military and intelligence, in my opinon it ill be bad, they are not thinking for themselves, for me armys and intelligence should not exist and the young people that are joining in donīt even know in what their going in to, they all should give up their "work" and start contributing to make this world a better place for all of us. the reason we are in this situation of constant war and greed for power is largely because of the military and intelligence complex.
if money lose his value it will be good for all of us, i hope the materialism and "i have more than you" thinking will end. less competition and more cooperation.
forests and oceans are beeing destroyed and polluted very fast, we canīt live this way longer. we have technology for a green living, but the oil industry keep pushing it. they largely responsible for the destruction of our planet. i donīt know if you have seen the movie "the time machine" but is one that let me thinking the way we are going.
i allways look at situations in my life and in the world with a positive outlook, i see the world with a constant pressure for wars, agression, exploitation and control of people, green and animals, but the love, spiritual, free and positive thinking, are getting bigger and stronger.
i see the state of our beautifull the planet being destroyed and controled by not friendly beings, humans or not. but their box is cracking.
itīs up to us in our everyday live to stop this madness.


this is one that have interesting things

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