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Default Re: Please release my video Bill and Kerry

Originally Posted by Waterman View Post
So you do know that videos of aerial phenomena will not require you to have to hide, right? Unless you were videoing from somewhere inside where it was a classified project.

So I am assuming your videos of extraterrestrial life forms, is the cause for someone to harm you, correct?

Why the urgency, can you be more precise please?
I am not in hiding. I did not videotape anything classified. These things are right here in front of our eyes. I videotaped these things in the sky or in my own home. There are many of us who have seen or experienced things that are not of this world.
I happen to know that there are some who were very interested in what I taped.

On this video, I told of things that I have personally been through in life and also included some of my drawings. It is a mickey mouse type of home video, but I felt that I needed to get it out now.
People need to make up their own minds and also to try and remember things. Things that have happened to them throughout their lifetime that they thought was merely a coincidence.

I am tired of good people being called a kook or weirdo by those who act as if they know everything because they have a degree. Nobody has all the answers. There is way too much disinformation out there. By sharing our own experiences, we will be able to get a clear picture of reality and what we are up against.

You have to be able to think outside the box.
Maybe all the science fiction or fantasy stuff is real? We are certainly living in unusual times.
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