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Default Re: My Lucid ET Experiences : You be the judge...

elsinorelore - That's really interesting, I've had similar types of indications into what it might be like when "they" appear. I agree that things will mellow after a bit of initial panic and it will take effort by those of us with the knowledge as to what's going on to help calm those around us. It would seem the earth is about to go through something pretty damn cool, it's just going to get a bit "weird" in the meantime. Yeah we are definitely the lucid ones, I didn't even realize how "lucid" of a dreamer I was until a year or two ago. I never felt the need to look into too much dream stuff because I had a very good grasp on what they meant & how to use them. It would seem those of us who can do that where given the opportunity for a reason & those who aren't naturals can learn it as well of course. But yeah it's definitely a different ball game when you've consciously explored "dream land" extensively already.

Chesmayne - thanks for the quotes & clips, very cool.

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