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Default Re: My Lucid ET Experiences : You be the judge...

Hey back Shakesbeer! Well, yeah, I follow you completely! Where to start??? Thats a doozie of a ?... Ive had so many. I guess one that stands out, that has been a re-current one for about 10 years or so now, is that Im driving somewhere in broad daylight in the States with a bunch of my dearest friends when all of a sudden a huge craft appears. Everyone everywhere is panicing (sp?) Chaos breaks out, and I too am totally freaked out and fearful along with my buds in the car with me. I tell them to keep driving but to step on it. We drive until night fall when we arive somewhere in northern Arizona, where I was hoping to run into my brother. I had an overwhelming feeling of fear, and the need to be with my loved ones. The craft meanwhile, during this whole road trip was spitting out blue orbs that were chasing people down over long distances. We arrived in some house, and were trying to slip the lights. (avoid) I turned a corner, went outside to hide and 1 of the many orbs got me so to speak, and infront of me it materialized into one of my friends who had passed away. Then everyone stared to let these orbs meet them. to try and make it short, we all realized there is no need to panic, these were all souls, or whatever you want to call them and we all ended up having a great reunion with friends from many times past, they only materialized to make us less afraid...and blah blah blah. Mind you the large craft at the beginning was creating so much chaos that alot of people had died in the confusion, which was in a big city.
I have too many more to write them all down, some are off planet where I tend to end up alot without any type of cord but there seems to be someone or something I know that is with me when I go, I call it my over-see-er who kinda acts a bit like a body guard or something. Ive met up with loved ones who arent the same, who have to conform for me in ways so that I will understand. Ive been shown and told about study after this life, we all end up in different levels, which is kinda like school but thats the only way I can put it because there arent any words. I always leave with the understanding that fear is overcome, its just that us humans arent capable of understanding, we need a little push to make us see its alright and that we are all friends in another dimension, or whatever you want to call it, we are all familiar with one another.
Ive also been told names of places off planet where people of different levels can go to study, but not everyone can go, only those who have more wisdom, or seniority for lack of a better word. One place a man I met was off to was "the last of the 7 lakes." I have no clue what that means, not here in this reality, but in my dream-time I seem to have an understanding of what it all means. Thats just one of many...I get alot of symbols that I have no clue about as well. Yeah, call me whacko- I know!!! I too, like you try to analize things 1st! We sure are lucid ones eh??? So good to have someone to share with! Peace !
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