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Default Re: My Lucid ET Experiences : You be the judge...

hi elsinorelore thank you & yeah I'm sure you know what I mean by how these experiences can be quiet fun & profound. I know me personally I have grown spiritual & physically due to understanding and following my dreams. People can say what they want about dreams, but if they were such BS two of the most respected Psychologist (Frued & Jung) wouldn't have spent some much of their time trying to understand them.

Then when you take into account the other "paranormal" activity associated with them and things just start getting wacky. I personally have always started with the psycho-analytical approach first and then look for other options when that insight runs out or doesn't apply. About 3 years ago my extremely stable system of interpreting and predicting my own dreams all of a sudden "broke" in a sense as I remarked on the video and everything really started getting interesting. Up until that point I seriously thought dreams where only my interpretation of my day to day life. Once more of the fantastic stuff started happening it made me realize "fantastic" stuff had always been happening to me but my belief system just didn't allow for that perception of the events in my life.

So what are some of your ET dream experiences that you maybe wouldn't mind sharing?
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