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Default Re: My Lucid ET Experiences : You be the judge...

Hey Shakesbeer,
I too have always been a lucid dreamer, for as long back as I can remember anyway. Ive had alot of similar experiences. I have no clue what to explain it as being, or why??? I agree with how you put it; "Think of these dreams what you will, contact, messages, imagination.... " Anyway, good for you that you are keeping records. In a way, I feel these dreams have somewhat helped me in my spiritual growth, or whatever you want to call it. I wish I could piece the messages together. Have you listened to David Wilcocks latest phone interview with Bill and Kerry? I do think he has several good points about this stuff, and he has said in other interviews, its great to write this stuff down! I think everyone who is waking up, is going through things in their own ways, and I suppose this is one of ours. Or something.....
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