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Default Re: Canberra with love

Hi everyone,
I moved to Canberra around 5 1/2 years ago. I didnt want to be here, but, I think that the powers that be had other ideas, I am quite happy here now.
I have been aware of some form of changes going on in the world since I was very young (had many a vivid dream, and I still get them).
I am glad to know that there are others here with the same feelings, and have done the same research as I have. I have tried to discuss this topic with a number of people, but find that no one is interested or they think your a cook!!!!!
What I find most fascinating about Canberra is that it sits in the centre of one great big triangular shaped group of Ley lines!! and its considered a spiritual place by the Aboriginals. Funny hey
I certaily feel that there is movement, I feel a great sense of urgency, I have done for around the last 1-2 years now. And have found that I have had to spend more time reading and netting etc than I normally would. (I am normally an avid reader, but find I used to stay away from surfing the net as I work on 3 pcs at work continually).
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