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"Ao ler o teu post fica-se com a ideia que algo cataclismico está prestes a acontecer, quando na realidade é exactamente o oposto." Mythos

Ah é?!
Então porque é que estamos exactamente neste site?

Logo na página de entrada diz:

"Welcome to Project Avalon

Brought to you by the founders of Project Camelot, this new project has been created in direct response to the demanding needs of current times and current events.

Our goals:

• To provide important information and resources to enable individuals and communities to function optimally in what may be troubled times ahead.

• To support aware individuals in networking and forming groups as they wish.

Our philosophy:

• As stated by George Green in the Project Camelot interview Messages for the Ground Crew, there exist individuals and groups, all over the world, who have an important responsibility and role to play in the preservation of civilization regardless which scenarios may play out.

• These possible scenarios - which include planned financial collapse, war, and population reduction by covert means - can be prevented and changed by the united intention of many concerned individuals. Many of us are working to prepare and awaken others. We know that our efforts to create a new tomorrow will not be in vain. We acknowledge the Ground Crew all over the globe - including (we are confident) ethical and principled individuals within military and intelligence circles worldwide.

• We believe it's prudent to make contingency plans. This site is created to help you do that. "
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