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Sorry Gita, I got as far as, This is not channelled in red and stopped! I will go back and read the rest, but I get so exasperated with people going on about channelling.

You are not you body, the life force, the God force is Channelled through you. We Channell all the time. It not the issue of channelling, its the quality and integrity of the information that is of importance here. People's own stuff that they get in there heads can be (and often is ) the biggest load of nonsense that we hear. When a person stops the listening to the many voices in their heads and finally listens to the One voice of Truth, then we are Channelling Truth and Integrity through us.

I have learned heaps from Channelled messages through lots of sources. It is always a persons responsiblity to dicern the quality, truth and integrity of that information, not dismiss knowledge and information because its channelled. Ive been reading nonsense about channelled material here for ages and Im finally speaking up. Its just ridiculous. You channell your Godself, it comes through you

Love and Light

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