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Default Re: The United States of the Solar System

Even if you completely disagree with my approach to this subject...PLEASE think long and hard about Earth and Solar System Governance. Perhaps my proposed details are up for grabs. I'm not an expert on anything. But could Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom be very close to an absolute meeting place for the people of the world? This is the time to really think this through. I'm just trying to stimulate thought. Once again...I am not promoting 'America'...which has gotten a rather bad reputation over the past few decades. Please carefully consider this thread in it's entirety. This really is a global issue. I don't need to be right. I don't want anything out of this. I just want to help start a fire...and then get out of the way...and let the people of the world rule the people of the world. My including the entire Solar System is not conquest motivated. I fear that this Solar System contains incredible evil within most of it's planets and moons. I just fear that we are all in huge trouble. I just want things to mellow out into some semblance of normalcy. Please take the gloves off...and get serious about Human Sovereignty, Personal Responsibility, and Solar System Governance. I am very fearful, at this point. The window of opportunity to save ourselves may be very small and fleeting. If we screw this up...we may not have another chance to get this right...for a long, long time...if ever. Again...I may be completely wrong...but I think that I am absolutely correct in calling attention to Solar System Governance. Please don't neglect this subject. I especially desire that this subject be debated in universities throughout the world. This is serious business. Take this very seriously.

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom

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