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Default Re: Ivan "Evon" Stein 2012 Presentation!

Law of N 2 (squared)

where N is the number of people harmonising

N = 1 _______ N 2 = 1

N = 2 _______ N 2 = 4

N = 8 _______ N 2 = 64

So 2 people harmonising have 4 times the power!

Harmonising with one other person is the cosmic purpose for all relationships.

You can also see how energy increases exponentially with more people harmonising.

N squared increases your ability to manifest.

Just keep in mind that if you are not balanced you might be only begining at N = 0.5 which doesnt lead to heightened energy levels. All the people harmonising need to be balanced aswel for it to truly work.

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