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Default Re: would a republic help us ?

Originally Posted by atama View Post
just putting it out there. personally i'm for a republic coz i hate the queen - but would it actually help us?

could we actually escape the clutches of the Illuminati and are we up for the fight ?

i don't know.
No point in hating anyone - we are all on this spinning globe together - have been fighting and hating for ever - Forgive and FORGET - WE as a collective can do ANYTHING - No turning back and no point in running away co's there ain't no place to hide. Be so thankful that YOU and You and the next guy have woken up - The one's who are out there waiting and looking up for the Guy Upstairs to return are just getting a pain in the neck - he never went away. We are the Ground Crew so listen to what the captain is telling us - Listen, really listen to what is coming from inside of you and that is all you need to know. We can work it out, we can and WILL work it out. We have worked it out, the guys in the future would not be there othewise !
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