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Originally Posted by solent View Post
Very informative thread, thank you

I agree with you Steven, my interpretation of the graphic is that we are entering the slow cool down period, which on average takes one hundred thousand years to complete +/- twenty thousand years, so I don't think we are in any danger of seeing an Ice Age in this life time.

How ever I don't think he presented it as an over night event as such, I thought he was refering to the fact that we are indeed due for a cool down, leading to an Ice Age, that's my take on it anyway. Agreed though he could have worded it better so it didn't sound like an Ice Age was imminent, but the graphic was presented to the people there so they could all see it for themselves, I don't think the purpose was to mislead.

I found this version of his presentation in which the info. is clearer to understand.

YouTube- Timeline To 2012 (Part 1 of 16) Ice Age Core Data

Sorry Luminari, just realised you have already posted a link to this, never mind we now have it imbedded also.
Brinty and I were there sitting in the room on the video you posted.
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