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Default Re: Hampshire Alien in a Tutu -report

Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt were driving on the edge of a wheat field in Chilcomb
when they had a close encounter with aliens and a UFO. During the encounter Joyce
and Ted were shown designs which they were told would appear in the crops in the
field they were in. The designs did later show up as crop circles in this field, reports
that are currently held in the CPRI Archives. Although Joyce Bowles only gave initial
interviews to the press, I was able to interview several people close to events including
Ted Pratt’s wife and several close friends of Bowles. My colleague Pat Delgado
investigated the site within hours of the incident. One of the most memorable aspects
of this encounter was the couple being told by the ET’s that the wheat field they were
in belonged to them. The exact words were: “this is our field’. Details about the
patterns shown to them inside the craft are held in CPRI Archives and will be published

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