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Default Re: Canberra with love

Hi Vesta , Pablo and

Eddie your post is so informative and reveals your depth of experience and determination. Still havnt had a chance to read paper to kev07 or revisit websites

I moved back here 2 yrs ago, through a set of circumstances and minimal intentions . We were living coastal in Lennox head.

Noting your points describing CBN, your observation are spot on and in alignment with my own. I have often thought this region and its contents hasve the ability to direct outcomes either way. The apparatus has silenced a great many, with the era of individuality creating isolation.
Only two have owned their presence here thus far. i do know that there are many groups of like minds around. So please link us up to your talented thinkers and doers.

At this point with project avalon being just over a week young, members are establishing rapport and trust with self and others. its indicating to me the piscean age is definitely transiting out and our New earth consciousness is coming in.

Cannot subscribe to the fearmongering doomesday end of the world heralders. Although it has held me by by the short and curlies on many occasions. Tires me, if its so, may I be in the centre as Im not afraid of passing over.

Seeing an inter earthgalactic federation where all reccognise they are here as descendants working to ascend. the consciousness expansion that is taking place exites me. i see hormonious living in a way that we havnt experienced before here on earth. This darkness is just another sqeeze to awaken through struggle /suffering , bit like birthing.

Ive been doing w/shops on consciousness expansion hoping to give the left brain enough info to allow expansion and ascendancy to occur.
If anyone can gather groups I shall work on accomadating.

My plan is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Id like to gather a local group to create a new earth community . we all have talents to offer. I see the need for technology to align with our new reality sustainable living etc

Navigating the darkness before this dawn is a deeply soulfull expression of inner connection with light , wisdom and divine intelligence and that blessed thing called trust. Times are allowing exellerated growth for all.. yeee ha.

I could dfinitely expand on all these points.

Enough for Now
rap with you soon
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