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Default Re: Canberra with love

Well Canberra crew, time to get acquainted. Not there at the moment- living rural N.S.W. BUT have long contemplated bringing the narrative to Canberra. That is based upon my four years there in the late 80's early 90's. Computers and lobby interests in those days. Now it is all real purpose- preparing for the new dimensional existence descending upon us.

Canberra is a sacred geometrical mandala and was composed with higher consciousness in mind. Walter and Marion were "out of time" in their insights. It has been my belief that their sacred design was long ago hijacked by the war party and thus we live without light.

Check out my website at and my writings in various editions of the e-zine SECOND CREATION. Best place to find them in where I write as Edward Planetary Warrior.

You can see that I was contemplating a canberra based operation from the website title. Love to have a dialogue with any of the Canberra team and certainly put you in touch with the very vibrant calendar community here in OZ. email to Kind regards, E
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