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Default The project Avalon idea...

Avalon is here to help each other with solutions. And NOT to point out the problems we might- and are heading for, right?
Working out solutions are my habit. I've got aware of the problems some 25 years ago and the none-sence to point it out.
You must be blind to not see the problems... If you're not aware you wouldnt be here... (right?)

Although our citys all over the world are more or less overcrowded, millions of acres of fertile land are not used in anyway.
Some countrys cant cope with our urbanisation habits, and would love us to "hobbit" back more or less.

So the only real deal here is; Do you want to be the change? Do you really think the "moneymakers-system" is destructive?
I know several villages in several countrys you can have 4 free if you promise to live there naturally.
These villages are abandoned for years, often decades. The only thing it takes to recivilise them is a lot of people.

Recently i've posted my personal favorit here, and it got high-jacked (how do you spell that) right away... Not available anymore! I've contacted the
authorities and they offered me several other "villages"right away! They think it's a waist of fertile land and houses anyway...

So if there are people here that have lost faith/ or found it. Be the solution! I've not even got a 1000 bucks, and i dont need them!

My personal interest is concentrated in Norway these days. It's a 4 season rough country. Very rich in every way, with a lot of enlightend people.
They dont want you to spoil the treasury land they are or were living on, but if i /you/ we come up with a meaningful idea they'll even sponsor it!

It is almost as easy, as written here. But what can i/you/ we do if only a vew are willing too...

So i bloody beg you here. Please, if youre into the change help me/you/we to realise it. NOW!

This is more real then you can dream, but there is nothing i can do without you!
(how can i handle 10.000 acres and 500 buildings with only 5 people?)

The problem is not me, it took me only one call to be 100% sure. WE can do this. I, on my own, cant.
The problem is you? Are you willing too? It will take a lot of none violent actions to win this war...

This would be all SO easy to realise if i would find several thousands of people willing to really take this peace-fully step.

Location, realisation can be worked out later. Several options!
There is NOTHING to be realised if there is only five of us.

This is my second post on the same subject. I apologise to Avalon 4 it.

But i cannot see, why wont WE, be the change we want to see?
You´ve might missed me previously...

Youre invited right now right here.

If you really would like to spoil this threat, dont! just mail ME, and keep it out of here.

What i dont need is you to tell me I am a nutter who has to adapt...

All it takes is a proper plan. And you...
So, where are you? who, what...

Can we get Avalon´s spirit really going now?
Written in full view-sight.

I am Sam. I am Samson if you stop destructing me.

This is a call, and an offer for HELP!

You are invited.
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