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Default Thank You Avaloners/ Happy Birthday to us!

On March 16th I will celebrate my birthday. I am age "one" in enlightenment.

One year ago, I fell down the rabbit hole and found Project Camelot, one month after that, I found Avalon.

I lurked in the recesses as so many have done, and finally joined in Oct. 09..
I was so scared, were you guys as crazy as me?

1. Did they believe in aliens?
2. Did they believe information has been suppressed from the masses?
3. Were they seeking all kinds of new information?
4. Were these folks spiritual seekers?
5. Were they concerned about possible earth changes?
6. Were the concerned for mankind as a whole?
7. Big question: Do they have a whole lot of questions that don't fit into
the regular paradigm?

Hey Guys, you fit the bill! YOU ARE AS CRAZY AS ME!!!!

When was your "WAKING Up DATE"? (BIRTHDATE)?

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