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Default Re: what are we HERE for?

We're here to expose & uphold Truth but apparently we've bought into the idea that there is nothing to be done about anything, other than talk about.

There IS no coming together, there IS no organizing, no real ACTION
on any one thing because we can't seem to agree about anything long enough to implement. One person, alone does not have much power to effect real change on a grand scale. Seeing how knarly most issues are, it takes a grand scale, a large number to come together and demand Truth... Where ARE the Leaders!? No, instead we only lead ourselves, back here day after day for more smut & entertainment.

I'm as guilty as the next one, so shame on me.

It seems as though this site would be better off having a dozen or so threads about the important issues at hand and building upon those, but I come in here most every day and find alot of new threads started, hundreds and hundreds of buried threads already... contstantly playing "catchup". I'm tired as hell!
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